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I Love My Husband, Hate His Politics


The last  week my husband has just snapped and told me that I have ruined his life and he hates me because i caged him up, he had no life and my insecurities have driven him away. Our sex life became non existent, which rightly or wrongly made me feel insecure about a few things and now he is so angry, he tells me he doesn’t like me and that i can never change so he won’t want to be with me. He has been to the doctor and was prescribed Amitriptyline. He said we need to separate so he can sort himself out. I don’t know what to do….


Did your husband say he hates everything about his life? During arguments, your husband always likes to say how much better he would be without committing to a marriage. He hates and grumbles over almost everything like money, no space to breathe, had enough of your nagging, etc. What does he mean? Is this a sign to tell you he wants you out of the marriage and may be thinking of leaving you?

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How can you tell if a Gemini man is in love with you?

A Gemini lives in their imagination which can make living in the real-world less desirable because it is too grounded for his liking and this is true for a Gemini man in love. Since this sign enjoys the intellectual rim of life, a relationship that involves emotions and feelings can be somewhat off putting to a Gemini because of this, they don’t put too much emphasizes on relationships; they know and understand that feelings change and they themselves constantly are evolving. But even with their knowledge and their interpretation of relationships, that doesn’t mean a Gemini man won’t enter into a relationship, they will just be hard to get and that much harder to keep

It’s a question you’ve been pondering since that charming Gemini guy walked into your life. He’s great, isn’t he? Most men born under this sign are.

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