Libra Beautiful – Exceptionally Beautiful Woman

Libra Women are so classy, charming and beautifulLibra

Libra is specially favored zodiac sign as far as the physical beauty is concerned. Libra is the day house of Venus, the lord of this sign. Venus gains special dignity when placed in Libra. It is for this reason that some of the most beautiful faces of film and television industry have the imprint of Libra-Venus on them. The whole film-television-fashion industry is ruled by Libra-Venus.

The Charm of Libra Woman

Libra woman is the zodiac’s activist: The most principled person on the astrological wheel, she can’t separate herself from the aerial convictions. To her, the world requires a redesign, as it lacks the very ideals that she most urgently seeks to project. If she perceives a wrong, she must strive to right I; the realm of human justice is her special domain. She possesses a powerful mind, a finely tuned faculty that is eclipsed only by her especial brand of ethereal beauty. Of all women, Libra is most comely and fair-rarely one ever to be labeled sultry or, even, overtly sexy-but on this score, and many others, Libra’s looks can be deceiving. Prized for her demure charms, she may risk being objectified as ornamentation, classy arm candy used by men for their own validation or as a means of impressing others. Meanwhile, her own agenda in love is to fall in with a true friend and equal, a liberal freethinker who shares her infamous love of the arts and all things aesthetic, as well as her often radical political views and eqalitarian visions. She is unconventional in relationships, amenable to casual sex with a like mind, and leery, n fact, of legal, long-term bonds. When she does commit to a man, she demands total fidelity: Hell hath no fury like the lady Libra scorned. Notoriously attracted to other females, regardless of her sexual identification, she is principally drawn to extreme women-exaggeratedly beautiful supermodel glamazons or megaphone-toting, ax grinding radicals; or, if she has her druthers, a righteous combination of both.

Libra  Love, Sex and Romance

Being born under the only inanimate sign of the zodiac is a phenomenon that cannot be overstated if one is to understand Libra woman’s personality-or if she is to fully come to grips with herself. For men of the sign, being the inanimate Scales gives rise to the need to be a strong concept of self-he feels innately unreal or unnatural, his “issues” surrounding superficiality, artificiality, and plasticity in his notoriously indecisive character. From the Libra female, however, for whom certitude is rarely, if ever, a problem, the inanimate quality of her sign doesn’t point to any sense of unreality in her notion of self, but rather an unerring desire to emblazon the world with her high-concept principles. You might say that Libra man is an idea while Libra woman stands for ideals. She is emblematic, a living symbol for what is good and right, a power child for absolute moral guidelines-laws-that must be established to ensure social order and equality. She is the most noble-minded of all females in the zodiac, and yet her pleasing, comely appearance often belies the seriousness of her activism. Like her Libra brother, she can be viewed superficially, although for her it is in a most flattering (albeit, to her mind, fatuous) light.

One negative consequence of Libra’s ethereal countenance may be that she is misunderstood as pretty but perfunctory-a knee-jerk reaction that suggests she lacks the passion, if not the courage, of her convictions. Especially in a society rules by the good old boys, Libra struggles against being considered nothing more than ideological window dresser. Like Catherine Deneuve or Bridge Bardot, for instance, both of the women lent their likenesses to be cast in a burst of Marianne, the female embodiment of the French republic and it’s idealist credo- Liberte! Egalite! Fraternite!- Libra woman often becomes the face of beautiful principles, eclipsing whatever personal axes she might have to grind. Gwyneth Paltrow, the American neo-Deneuve, is a symbolic persona whose very presence in the public consciousness has meant the return of intelligent entertainment in Hollywood cinema-she classes up the industry; but that is a role that has been assigned to her rather than one she may herself have taken on. Global notoriety aside, all Libra women fight this sort of glorious objectification in their personal life. Upon meeting the Libra, most men will project an exalted symbolic meaning onto her. Unlike other women who may have to combat sexual objectification, Libra struggles against being cast in stone as a sort of domestic Marianne, plopped onto a pedestal not of her own design. To most guys, she seems the perfect trophy, and to very few will she very appear to be anything else. Her physicality, she feels, betrays her: Looking too much the “little woman” and, even more infuriating, “the good wife,” she invites advances by an endless stream of men who see her as a prime candidate for 7th house marriage and a conceived fairy-tale existence. But faster than you can say “two-car garage,” Libra learns to stop such a man in his tracks. Like Jean Brodie thwarting what she deems the “petrification” of the status quo, Libra woman rears her Medusan head, turning a man’s symbolic design on her to stone. Still, such love lessons don’t necessarily come easy, and Libra’s love life may be one of trail and error.

Indeed, as a young woman, Libra attracts more than her share of social climbers and would-be mover-shakers bent on raising their own stock via an association with her-ambitious fellows banking on Libra to be their Lady Luck. Needless to say, Libra learns to be a cautious dater, reviewing the men she meets like a lawyer deciding whether or not to take a client’s case. Sometimes, against her better judgment, she falls for that traditional-minded man, willing to play the part of perfect hostess provided she feels the relationship will allow her the freedom to pursue her own passions-and not all of them the high-minded sort. In truth, Libra is an aggressively sexual being-don’t let that cool Venusian remove fool you-a woman who hungers for sex as much as, if not more than, she does for truth, beauty, and goodness. Since this innate lustiness may, in rare instances escape even her own notice, it’s unsurprising that a man’s pursuit of her hand in marriage mightn’t be predicated on physical attraction but rather on a need for moral edification. This dynamic may be in no small way the fault of the Libra herself, who, in her zeal for elevated experience, overlooks the significance of her sexuality, suppressing her animal nature in favor of loftier concerns.

In bed with Libra woman, there are no set gender roles or pat responsibilities to perform. Her all-important insistence on equality comes startlingly into play when she and some young Apollo are stripped naked, one gorgeous androgen to another with only their sexual apparatus to define them. Just as we affectionately call Scorpio man the male lesbian of the zodiac, the argument can be made that Libra woman is the female gay-man, the uber-male-mindedness of her sign freeing her from viewing sex as a loaded emotional experience. She allows herself to approach sex from a surfacey standpoint of two buddies just needing to have it off. As it is, Libra relates far more readily to the directive quality of the male mind than she does to the traditionally subjective feminine view; and so, with her mate, she’s just as naturally aggressive as he is. Assuming responsibility for her own pleasure, she take the pressure off a guy as well-still she won’t objectify a mate to the point of using him as a dildo the way an ultra-aggressive Aries might. There is instead a pervasive sense of mutual masturbation when in the sack with a self-sufficient Scales woman.

Libra is somewhat of an efficiency expert in the bedroom, far more proficient at getting the job done than she is passionately abandoned in the process. If orgasm is her aim, she’ll have no bones about achieving one quickly, then opting to go on with her day. She isn’t generally a sexual marathoner, not one of the girls who revels in being “bored” for hours, pun intended. In keeping with being born into the sign of “light”, she prefers prolonged bouts of foreplay, with intercourse brought into the mix at the right time, to all out fuck fests-this is another manifestation of her general disdain for purposefully macho men who, she’d be loathe to discover, feel they’ve something to prove. Sixty-nine is by far her favorite sex act: She seems to derive as much pleasure from blowing a guy as she herself gets from being munched (lol munched lmao)-while it’s the combination of simultaneous acts being performed, the inherent ying-yang, that truly drives her forward. The very thought of it alone is enough to get her juices stirring. Type-A Libra is always conscious of what she’s doing in bed, and the mental picture of herself and a lover is highly erotic to her.

Libra can change your life like no one can change, if you found Libra in love with you , you are the lucky.


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