Rock Crystal – Green Amethyst – Prasiolite – Properties and Meaning

Green amethyst – prasiolite is getting very popular lately due to its visual appeal and the aggressive promotional marketing by the jewelry industry. However, green amethyst is not so different from its relative – the purple amethyst. In fact, artificial prasiolite is almost exclusively produced from purple amethyst, and that is why this gemstone is sometimes referred to as greened amethyst. This name reflects the process of production: some amethyst crystal when heated to several hundreds degrees change their color to green instead of yellow (which one would normally expected). The green color of prasiolite can range from pale yellowish green to deep green nuances. When possessing some characteristic shades of green, prasiolite can easily match some more expensive gemstones. The correct amethyst specimens which are used to produce greened amethyst are coming mostly from Minas Gerais in Brazil. Prasiolite is silica – silicon oxide, the same structural composition as ordinary amethyst as well as ordinary rock crystal – quartz. Therefore, it is not surprising that this gemstone has strength of 7 on the Moh’s scale of hardness of minerals, which makes it suitable for jewelry production, cutting and polishing.

Some crystals obtain their green color in natural processes and this is why there can also be found, although not so frequent, natural genuine green amethyst prasiolite. Thus from the above we can say that prasiolite is relatively rare gemstone. The name prasiolite comes from the Greek name for leek – “prasos” and the extension “litos” – meaning stone.

As a general rule, the metaphysical and healing properties of green amethyst are similar to those of ordinary amethyst, augmented by its gracious green color. Green is one of the colors of the heart, but also color of Nature, consecration and concentration. The green color also helps in relieving tensions and irritation. It symbolizes self-respect and well-being. Green amethyst is the foundation both for the heart and mind. Its energy is all-important to self-realization and inner peace but it also helps in bridging the gap between the physical and metaphysical aspects of life. The soft soothing green color of Green amethyst eases and cures any wounds accumulated within our emotional body. It can act on the threefold inner natural organization of man – emotionally, mentally as well as on the willing processes. Some people say that it can strengthen peace and calm, and bring generosity, and growth. It also promotes balance and harmony in the mental body.

People that apprise green jewellery are generally well-adjusted. Also one has to consider the fact that we are able to detect many shades of green color, much more than of any other color. Therefore, it is advocated to wear green amethyst when you prefer to accomplish balance in your emotions, if you experience that you need increased energy, or if you need to arouse favorable feelings or calm damaging emotions. The greened amethyst can help in accomplishing healthy relationships.

When cleaning greened amethyst one should use running water and soft brush. No chemical means are needed. The only thing one should be careful with is not to expose the prasiolite jewelry to heat or sunlight, as the color may change. This stone can be scratched only by harder stones (7 or more on the Moh’s scale), therefore it should be kept apart from other jewelry items.

Green amethyst is a birthstone of people born in February.

For additional information on green amethyst – prasiolite properties check out the info available online at my blog. There you can also find a lot of background on the history, origin, gemology, healing, zodiac and other aspects of this beautiful gemstone. There is a section of my blog devoted to green amethyst earrings as well as other jewelry. Also you can read about the differences between synthetic vs natural green amethyst, about the properties of the ordinary violet amethyst as well as about other metaphysical fetaures of prasiolite.


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