Rules Of Flirting – How to Flirt With a Man! Here Are the Cheeky Yet Super Effective Ways Which Work Real Well

Flirting comes naturally to some women, or at least that’s what it seems like, but if you’re not one of them, you may need a little help. Flirting with a man is a simple thing really, and you can do it, just by following a few rules.

1. Be confident. A man is intrigued by a woman with confidence. If you’re comfortable in your own skin, regardless of the spot or situation you find yourself in, your confidence will shine and a man is bound to notice.

2. Dress for the occasion. Looking good is attractive to a man, but it will also make you feel good. Wearing clothes that make you feel attractive or flirty makes you feel good about you. It’s easier to be flirty when you feel good about your own appearance, and knowing you’ve caught a man’s eye with your appearance is a confidence booster as well.

3. Be Yourself. You can be flirty and still be you. Trying to be something other than what you are is bound to make you feel uncertain or uncomfortable. Concentrating too hard on keeping up a charade sucks the fun out of flirty, and it’s usually obvious to a man if you’re pretending or trying too hard.

4. Project a feeling of approachability. A woman who seems interested in her surroundings is more approachable than one who only looks at the friends she’s with. If you never survey the room or make eye contact with a man, he’ll feel like he can’t or shouldn’t approach you.

5. Be inviting. Smile and make eye contact. Let him know you noticed him. Look back at him periodically over time, reassuring him that you really are interested in him. Once you feel confident he’s interest in you, wave to him, or beckon him over to you.

6. Be interested. Really listen to him when he talk, and respond to what he says. Pay attention to him, and not the other action taking place in the room. Ask him questions, particularly about himself. Moving from small talk to topics that are more personal will let him know you want to know about him, and that you’re really interested.

7. Touch him. During your conversation, lightly touch his arm or hand. Put your hand on his knee briefly. These small touches let a man know you are interested. A man responds to touch by feeling more comfortable.

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