Leo Worst – Seducing the Leo Woman – 5 Ways to Make Leo Yours

Your Lioness can be a dangerous woman. She has all the designs of a fixed fire sign and just cannot be stopped.leo woman

A Leo, like the great lion, king of the jungle, bows to no one but is generous if you deserve it. They love to lead and direct, but can be the most fun-loving and bighearted as well. Give them the power to rule and they’re at their best but tell them what to do and they’re at their worst. The Leo woman for example, is all fire and passion. She’s always the center of attention, flashy and flirty but can be the most loyal and trusted friend you can ever have as well. They have a very big circle of friends, and that follows a long list of enemies as well. But don’t worry, the female Leo can handle herself well. She will always be fierce yet sexy and sultry at the same time. If you’re planning to lure one, here are the five ways in seducing the Leo woman — and finally make her yours:

  • Shower her with compliments. The typical female Leo loves flattery — shower her with a few compliments and she won’t leave your side for the next hour or so. It’s not that they’re easy-to-get, they just love to be appreciated. And compliments are they’re number one Achilles heel.
  • Show self-confidence. A Leo female is a crowd-getter and she’s popular — that why she has the need to be with someone as confident and flashy as she is. She loves to take command that’s why being with a slow-witted partner is something she wouldn’t even try considering. Ever.
  • Know how to lead the way. Sure, she loves to take the driver’s seat and speed up to where she wants to but when you have the initiative and take command yourself, then that just might take her breath away. She has the need to control that’s why when you share the same passion, you become an instant attraction.
  • Give her center stage. Of course, you’re the man but every once in a while, give her center stage. Make her go out with her friends, make her decide where you should take dinner and plan the weekend. A display of power makes her feel totally herself and that should be alright with you.
  • Be an ardent lover. Romance is nothing without passion and a Leo woman would cut you short if you lack it. She likes romantic courtship, a bouquet of roses and probably surprise meal you cook yourself — she loves to be pampered by you and as exchange, she will do just the same.

Part of the fun with your Lioness is the sex. Hold on tight and be prepared for a work out. Just like life, she is in it to win it. You will both be happy and quite sated once your sessions are over. She gives direction, praise and multiple orgasms in bed. You should give just as much. She will tell you just how she likes it. You can also tell her what you like. Use all the dirty talk you can muster. Listen while she makes you release just off the sound of her sexy voice. She will not stop and you better not stop until neither of you can’t lift your head off the pillow. With a Leo you work hard and play even harder.

You might be reading this and think that attracting the Leo woman is work. No, the work is in keeping her. Creativity goes just as far as flattery and praise. Keeping the relationship moving forward isn’t just business and ambition it is good times and fun. She isn’t beneath throwing a wrench into things for not only her own amusement but to gauge your reaction. Until that woman is married, she will always weigh her partner’s worth. She might even do so after marriage too.


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