Diamond – Diamond Look Larger than Real Size

Diamond, the king of gem abounds in chemical values and it is the most precious mineral. It is famous for its surprising luster, hardness and beauty.diamonds

Diamond can be made to look larger than its actual size. And this can be achieved very easily by choosing the right combination of stone cut, shape and setting. These three characteristics have major impact on how a stone appears.

Venus  is also important because of its association with the science of Herb and medicine, tantra, the casting of spells, hypnotism, mesmerism and alchemy. It is also called the god of fine arts, love, beauty and attraction. At one side it provides pure maternal love in human life. The gem stone of Venus is the diamond.

Choose the Right shape of Diamond.

Unlike the regular round and princess cut diamonds, fancy cut diamonds with their elongated sides tend to seem larger than its true size. Shapes such as oval shaped, marquise cut, heart shaped diamond look bigger than its real carat weight.

Choose the Right Setting

Pave setting – if you want diamond on the shank as well, pave setting works great for it makes many diamonds appear like one. Pave set diamonds have a very unique feeling of the jewelry being rolled into diamonds.

Bezel Setting

Bezel setting has a metal rim that inscribes the sides of a gemstone and extends slightly above it. White gold or platinum bezel setting merge with the white diamonds and make them appear bigger.

Invisible Setting

Invisible setting is another great option. In this setting gemstones are placed closely and the metal is concealed underneath the stones. Thus instead of a large center stone, you could also go for several smaller gemstones set with invisible setting giving the impression of one large stone.

Ring with Side Stones

Choose a ring with side stones rather than a solitaire diamond. Three stone rings are a classic, they look great and have a beautiful underlying meaning as well. The three stones are symbolic of a couple’s past, present and future together.

Shallow cuts

If your main purpose is to make the diamond look larger than you could go for a shallow cut diamond or a diamond with low girdle. But that does then compromise on the brilliance of the diamond.

Choosing the right combination of diamond shape and setting can not only help you make the diamond look larger but can even cut down the cost drastically.


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