Libra Romance – Attracting a Libra

Libra in love, the saying that “Beauty is only skin deep” makes little sense.Libra relationship


Libra are  charming, gentle and complex.  The Libra is sure to attract anyone . But attracting  beautiful, social butterfly can seem somewhat of a challenge. If you can find a way to catch  attention and give want he/she needs, you will have a partner who is kind and loving, who also comes with the guarantee of never a dull moment.

How To Approach the Libra

While attracting Libras is relatively simple, it is most likely that you were initially drawn to their laid back disposition. In the beginning, Libras need adoration and flattering, so be sure to treat them daintily. Libras enjoy a good conversation and will talk about practically anything you want to discuss, but they are especially apt to talk about their own lives. Would you like to leave a good, strong impression on the Libra of your interest? Ask them all about their daily activities, their profession or anything else you can think of. While the Libra is of a primarily diplomatic nature, this individual also takes immense pleasure in looking at various situations from an objective viewpoint. Start up a gentle debate over an issue you both enjoy going over, and watch as the discussion opens up. Remember to dress well, to keep things casual and to tidy up your home prior to their arrival. The first impression you make is always the longest when it comes to a Libra, so be sure to let loose and be real if you want to have a good time with that person.

The Libra’s Erogenous Area:

The Libra’s most sensitive spot is in the small of their back. By dancing or petting over it softly, the Libra’s sensual experience will instantaneously peak. Experiment by gently using your tongue on your partner’s neck and try kissing your partner’s whole back area; these techniques will definitely send up some sparks. Typically, Libras enjoy receiving a gentle spanking or squeeze of their buttocks.

Sexual Interaction  With Libras:

Sexual acts are usually more mental than anything else for the Air signs, and especially for Libras. Libras possess an immensely intellectual mind frame, and these forms of mental stimulation are generally brought to light in the experience of lovemaking. The Libra greatly anticipates foreplay and passionate words for building up to the climactic moment, and when things are done in the proper setting, mood and mindset, be prepared for a mind-blowing experience! Scales that have been swaddled in gold are an incredible sight to see. Libras relish in the idea of having a good-looking and intelligent partner; this is because they feel entitled to receiving nothing less than the qualities they already possess.

For the Libra, sex is a magical, sensual act that is straight out of the movies. There is plenty of petting, touching and holding. The Libra is a very emulative and passionate partner. They are very well-versed in their capabilities and always remain open to new experiences. Just remember to keep things elegant, as the Libra is not a typical candidate for bathroom stall escapades. By using gentle teasing in your foreplay, using massage oils and lighting some candles, you will set the mood quite well.

Due to the fact that Libras are inherently given to flirting, your partner will most likely be interested in dressing up or engaging in role playing games. You will want to employ the thought of being around new situations and people to garner a Libra’s interest. Libras enjoy trying new things during sex, so be sure to keep things interesting by experimenting every now and then.


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