Cancer Born – Love Star Signs – More Compatible Star Signs For Cancer

animated_FireCancer is water and is not compatible with Fire and Air. Fire contains Aries, Leo and Sagittarius and Air contains Gemini, Libra and Aquarius.

Cancer/Aries. You are home loving, home-building people. You like cosy nights in front of the fire and like to know exactly where you stand with your partner. This may be at odds with Aries fun-loving gregarious nature. You are both in the mode of cardinal which makes you creative and changeable. Your desire for change is far less than Aries and you will need to tone the ram down a little, if that is possible with an Aries. If you can control your jealous nature and let your Arian be free, as they were born to be, it could work. Sexually you will click. Best match: Aries born 21 to 29 March

Love star sign rating:warming up!

Cancer/Leo. This is an interesting combination. Leo has fire and demands attention which you are happy to supply. Leo is the Sun to your Moon and this plays well in the heavens. Compromise is required from Leo to fully appreciate the crab. If you can find a way of balancing yourselves and allowing space for emotional growth you could go far. Sexually you will have lots of passion and fire in between the sheets

Best match: Leo born15 to 22 Aug

Love star sign rating:hot ‘n’ steamy!

Cancer/Sagittarius. Sagittarius may seem your ideal man at first but the cracks will soon start to show. Sagittarius always speak their minds and they may not mean to, but sometimes they can be blunt. Your shell may not be thick enough to take the beating and friction could develop. Sagittarius would have to make a dramatic change for this combo to work. Sexually you can make music but it may not be a symphony.

Best match: Sagittarius born 1 to 10 Dec

Love star sign rating:Hits a bum note!

Cancer/Gemini. You are emotional and have mood changes that are difficult to predict, this is due to your ruling moon. Gemini is ruled by intellect and Cancer by your heart and this could cause a divide between you as you may simply struggle to understand each other. You may struggle to reach the Gemini heart and for you there is no love unless you are able to do this. Sexually this divide could carry on into the bedroom too.

Best match: Gemini born 2 to 10 June

Love star sign rating: compromise is needed!

Cancer/Libra. This will be a very challenging relationship. You like your peace and quiet and Libra will want to be social and gregarious. There will be many differences except when it comes down to making money and you could do this very successfully. Sexually you will bond as you both like the cosy emotional side of love

Best match: Libra born 24 to 30 September

Love star sign rating:A struggle!

Cancer/Aquarius. Aquarius is a lover of freedom and you love hearth and home, so you may be spending many nights alone in front of that fire waiting for your Aquarian to come home. Aquarians blow hot and cold and you will often be confused as to where you stand with them or even if you stand with them at all. Sexually you could be energetic together but it will not fulfil your needs.

Best match: Aquarian born 10 to 19 Feb

Love star sign rating:too much trouble!

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