Libra Virgo Relationship – Mercury Retrograde in Libra & Virgo

Mercury is Virgo love seen as a messenger of God. This is our mind, intellect, our thinking and communication.

Mercury in Mythology

Libra Virgo Relationship

Libra Virgo Relationship

Mercury relates astrologically more to our internal and personal life than to life outside. Mercury is not only the messenger from god to man, but also the internal messenger: the link between the eternal and the mundane, between our soul and our personality. It represents sense perceptions and communication devices that our true self, the divine spark residing within us, uses to run the machinery of the body. In insanity this link is broken, but normally, through our mind and eyes, heaven bears witness to the Earth, and god may still talk to man.

The planets played an important role in early mythology and religion and were thought to be divine beings. The names of the planets (except for Earth, which was not understood as a planet by the ancients) come from Greek and Roman mythology. The Greeks, Romans, and later cultures associated each planet with a specific god.

To look at the planetary principles as gods works for me because they do represent universal principles which are governing our universe and can therefore be looked at as GOD.

For example, the planet Mercury was thought as the messenger from the god.

He represents our mind, intellect, the way we think and communicate. Mercury is known as a teacher and traveler.

He loves to explore, discuss, and learn. He is extremely flexible, a connection between things, but neutral and impartial. He is very curious, sometimes mischievous and playful. On the physical level he influences the brain and the nervous system.

Mercury has a Bad Reputation

There has been much written about Mercury retrograde when things connected with Mercury might not go as smooth as expected and he has gotten a bad reputation for putting sand into the turning wheels.

What happens when Mercury goes retrograde? The apparent backward motion of Mercury perceived from our point of view on earth is called retrograde. It happens about 4 times a year for about 3 weeks. But it is just an optical illusion based on the relative speeds and orbits of the Earth and Mercury around the Sun.

This phenomenon has been studied by astrologers for thousands of years and has been proven to be a time of challenges with all things connected with Mercury. These are areas like communications of all kinds, transportation, electrical equipment, computers, communication devices, traveling, contracts, cars, relationships and public relations might provide you with some trouble, annoyance and delays.

The Potential Benefits

And with all its challenges Mercury retrograde in Libra and Virgo is providing us with the chance to be more thorough with already started projects, complete and review, put things in order and catch up on paperwork. It is a good time to revisit old, unfinished problems, abandoned projects and have another look at them.

This is also a good time to go back through your notes of goals and intentions and deepen your connection and commitment to achieving them. Make a list of steps to move towards them.

With this retrograde period being in Libra and Virgo it is the time for paying loving attention to your relationships and friendships and your health. Think of it as a period of re-evaluation and maintenance for where you are in your life. You could say you get a second chance to put your affairs in order.


This is not a good time to get married or to sign any contracts in your life. Communication in your relationships might not flow so easy these days. There could be misunderstandings or even an unwillingness to deal with things. It can be as simple as not hearing back from people you sent an email to or things dragging on where they shouldn’t. Like I am trying to reach this guy to do some work on my website and he forgets to get back to me. Or I ask a question several times to my assistant and never get an answer.

It is a time to take a deep breath and let it go. Just except everything will take a little longer and patience is needed. I am fore sure not the best person to follow my own advice. My Moon is in Aquarius and I am not known for too much patience. Especially at the computer if things do not work out the way they are supposed to I am getting upset very fast.


Virgo people are known to be very interested and willing to pay attention to their body and physical temple of their soul. People with the Sun in Virgo usually have experience and educate themselves about healthy living and a good diet. It is only logical to them that you can only expect your body to function properly on a good wholesome diet. I know several Virgos who have experimented with raw food, or a more alkaline diet, they are vegetarians or on a low carbohydrate diets. Of course they eat organic and not much processed food in general.

This retrograde motion of Mercury is a great chance for you for some personal studies on your own and taking an aim for a healthier life style and diet. A healthier life style has to include some ways of exercising as well. With so many hours sitting at a desk in front of a computer, what most of us do, we need to balance that with motion.

Do you remember how much you used to move around as a kid and how you loved it? used to do so many things from athletics, handball, karate, aikido, riding, skiing, rollerblading, Yoga, Tai Chi, biking and dancing at different times in my life. Remember how good it felt to move and be righteously tired in the evening.


A Mercury Gemstone – the Citrine



Citrine is ruled by the Sun and Mercury. Citrine is a light yellow to gold-brown colored Quartz. It crystallizes in hexagonal prisms with pyramids on the top of each crystal. Most Citrines that are found in shops are heat treated Amethysts or Smoky Quartz. The treated stones will be more golden or brownish, while natural Citrine is more of a pale yellow. A heat-treated stone will need some kind of healing ritual to restore it to its natural energies.

Citrine is a stone for the second or third chakra, depending on its color. It brings in the energy of the sun and opens our mind to higher thoughts beyond fears and doubts. Citrine gives us the patience and endurance we need to focus our mind on details such as writing, planning, and putting things in their proper order. The sun energy is dispelling depression and opens us to allow more light and love into our life.

I like the Citrine for meditation. I lay it onto my heart or third eye. I also like the faceted stones because they are so wonderful sparkly, bright like the sun and they are very affordable in bigger chunks for big rings.



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