Pisces Women – Pisces woman Leo man or Aries which is best?

Soft moonlight and tender love harmonize together wonderfully.

Definitely not the Leo; Pisces hate to be bossed around.
But Aries are too self-absorbed to care for all of Pisces needs.
So neither really.
But Aries would be the better choice anyways because at least the relationship will be fun at times.

I would be inclined to go with the Leo.

Leo will take good care of the Pisces and will make her feel like she is the number 1 priority and that she is the most important thing in his world, these two get along really well and make excellent companions. Leo loves looking after the vulnerable Pisces and having someone who is willing to be bossed around, after all, Pisces are followers, not leaders. Leo and Pisces’ relationship often falls when either the Pisces lets her vision of a ‘perfect man’ take over and starts to become weary of Leo’s faults and floors, she realises he’s not how they were when the first met but forgets neither is she. They can become use to a certain Leo lifestyle and stop pulling their weight OR Leo will become to alpha male and forget to listen to poor Pisces as she does have an opinion too. Pisces struggles after seeing so much of the lion’s emotional side that she can’t bare to be with the unemotional side to the lion, Leo’s sometimes forget the balance of the two which makes Pisces swim away.

Aries and Pisces will be interested in each other at first, the Aries is very attracted to Pisces but it’s more of a physical attraction than a mental attraction – don’t get me wrong – he does like you and find you good company but they are not the best match when it comes down to things. Aries like to talk about themselves a lot and on top of that they don’t like to talk about emotional stuff, they’re not on the same wave length as Pisces who is too wrapped up in feelings. He likes Pisces sense of humor and how bubbly she is. Pisces likes the appeal Aries has as he is very strong and ambitious. They can have really good conversations about certain topics but it’s not enough to build a relationship on. They make better friends than lovers. Pisces doesn’t like how smug and full-of-himself Aries is and Aries doesn’t like how laid-back Pisces can be, she lacks the motivation and doesn’t understand his point of view all the time.

I don’t know why do they say neither of them are good for the Pisces woman.

Both of them could get a nice relationship with the Pisces woman.

Aries wants his partner to flatter him and that is what the Pisces women usually do. And Aries is enough sure of himself and Pisces needs this security since Pisces is so sensitive.

The problem is, that Aries could be very dominant and Pisces would feel hurt, and since Aries would always do what he wants because Pisces won’t dare to ban Aries from doing it, Aries would get bored with this relationship and he would like to find someone better.

This relationship can be safe is Pisces learns how to be independent and self-satisfied, just like Aries. Then she could keep Aries with her because he won’t get bored easily.

And Leo…

Pisces and Leo are a good match as well because they give each other what they need. Pisces has what Leo needs, and the other way around.

The problem is Pisces will possibly like to get married or at least to become engaged, in other words, Pisces likes serious relationships and this is something to worry about for the Leo man.

And Pisces could make Leo angry because Leo does not like the several mood swings of Pisces.

Um, I’m a Pisces and I don’t drink but maybe twice a year.
Also, we don’t mind being bossed around sometimes because we love being servants — we Pisces women.

Of those two, I will say Leo man. Although I get attracted to both. But you do need to look at other stuff in the chart. Like, I have Libra and Aries dominant in my chart…

Anyway, I have a huge crush on a Leo now. I am hopeful. With either guy you choose, get to know him and don’t give up or get discouraged — attraction and love and stuff takes time. The Leo guy I am crushing on, I don’t think he knows I exist, but I’ll keep trying and I will keep being nice to him and be a friend first.

This Pisces has liked/casually dated both Leo man and Aries man — I thought the Leo guy was the most positive, upbeat guy I have ever met. Their personalities and confidence is great to be around. He was a gentleman. The Aries was nice, but kind of dirty. Not really a gentleman.

Leo will treat you right, but take it slow and don’t fantasize too much about your future life together (I haven’t named our imaginary children yet lol). Good luck with either choice — spend time with both and you will truly know.

This is very general but I would say that a Pisces woman would do best with a Leo. The Aries would lose patience with the Pisces. The Leo must be centre stage, but the Pisces doesn’t mind that. It could be very romantic.

Neither are best. Astrological signs mean nothing and people’s personalities and compatibilities are not influenced by the stars. Period. Full stop.

Pisceans are nice people but likes their drinks. Leo women are jealous and rude and likes flirting (don’t know any leo men) and aries loves themselves and are selfish neither of them is a good affinity, because Pisces is Water and both Aries & Leo are Fire.

My experiences with both tells me Aries. A Leo man especially one born in July is not going to work, a August Leo may still work because they need less approval (attention) from their partner.

Sun signs are very general. You can’t judge a relationship just based on who’s what sun sign…

But if you want a general answer, than neither are good for the fish woman

Whichever one you get along with the best.

None of the signs are better than the other.


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