Cancer Best And Worst Relationship Boss – Best and Worst Boss

If Cancer become your boss….


Cancer Best And Worst Relationship


Think back to the best boss you ever had and the worst boss you ever had. Make a list of all things done to you that you abhorred. Don’t do them to others, ever. Make another list of things done for you that you loved. Do them for others, always.

Now, take a minute and remember that terrible boss. Come on, we have all worked for at least one. What was yours like? Possibly there was no connection with you or your coworkers, maybe they spent their time managing upwards or simply were never there when you needed them. Whatever the case there are enough horror stories about the bad ones, so we won’t spend any time on them.

Who is the best boss you have ever had? Through your professional experience there – hopefully – have been several stand-out bosses. When you have found this person ask yourself which qualities resonated with your personality and made you feel better as an employee and person. It is likely that the individual was very real in their interactions with you and encouraged open communication.

There is one key talent that excellent leaders have, this is that they connect with their people and genuinely care about their team. They create an atmosphere in which their people are comfortable with them on all levels. This connection reduces the typical barriers that one may feel towards management and helps to create an organization where idea and knowledge sharing is valued. It shows the employees that you, as a leader, care for them and this care will allow them to feel inspired to do the best work that they can. It then results in exceptional performance and revenue generation, increased creativity, job satisfaction and reduced wasted time dealing with poor performers.

An excellent boss is one who is more concerned about the team than him or herself. They will ensure that their team has everything that they need to do their work. This is not limited to hard tools but also to the environment being as efficient and productive as possible. Empowerment and motivation will occur naturally. From here magic happens.The team will take responsibility for themselves, each other and the organization. It happens organically and, as long as it is nurtured, is sustainable.


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