Capricorn Women As Lovers – Just How Romantic Capricorn Are They?

Capricorn woman in love, she is trustworthy and … Honest

As lovers, Capricorn women are extremely loyal and would do their best to provide you with love and comfort as much as they can afford.Capricorn women are considered very fixed and focused and they can be totally daunting sometimes. Displays of success impresses them so much that’s why if you want to attract and seduce one, you must at least bear the following characteristics of a good citizen — responsibility, independence and dedication.

Capricorn women see success as very tempting and appealing that’s why they often get smitten to the top boy in class or the CEO. So just how romantic are they? What do they have in store for us when we’re finally in a relationship with them? Below are a few facts bout Capricorn women as lovers — get her to fall in love with you now:

  • Dual personality. Sometimes, Capricorns yearn for a serious lover while other times, they want to have silly fun and get light hearted. Sure, they’re moody but this doesn’t mean they track away from their goals — their focus is very impressive that they often never fail in life. They out their mind and soul into one thing and will completely concentrate in attaining it soon.
  • They have focus. And they never know the meaning of being distracted. They are loud and proud about being disciplined that’s why they often become good advisors and confidante — when she suggests something, better follow it. They rarely go wrong.
  • They love to be practical. When it comes to urges and impulses, expect a Capricorn to have tremendous self control. They would never ever go for a hundred dollar worth of haircut if they can get one for a buck. Practicality runs in their veins and they often have very realistic ideals — if that’s possible.
  • You should earn their trust. Truth is, Capricorns easily give their trust but it’s also as swift as destroying it. They can admire you so much but quickly get turned off when they see one single mistake — that means you need to work out your image to her once again. It’s all about breaking and making up — but they would always be there.
  • May tend to be very emotional. Rare times, Capricorns get pretty emotional. And when they do, it’s like they’ve stored all their hidden hurts and loneliness for years and years only to explode in one night — but don’t fret — by the next morning, they’re as good and focused as they can ever be.

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